Key Benefits & Utility

Key Benefits & Utility

In the world of renewable and sustainable alternative power supplies, Solar energy is free for the taking. These are the key benefits & Utility of Solar Power.
(i). Solar Saves Your Money : The cost of conventional electricity is rising every year. After the initial cost of installing Solar infrastructure in your home or workplace, you have zero recurring costs on Solar power supply.

(ii). Solar A Good Investment : Installing Solar is one of the most significant investments you will make. Investing in Solar power plants attract tax savings via 80% .

(iii). Solar Our Planet's Best Friend : We are using coal and other fossil fuels much faster than it can renew itself. As a result, the world is running out of non-renewable resources. The sun is on the other hand, shines every day. The magnitude of available Solar energy dwarfs any finite and renewable resources and exceeds the world's current energy consumption. Research suggests that a 1kW solar power system saves 77 kg of coal from being burned, 397 litres of water from being consumed and 136 kg of Co2 from being released into the atmosphere.