Chairman's Message

At HarSolar, our vision is to provide high quality and affordable solar solutions, reducing our customer’s dependence on non-renewable energy, while paving the way for a more sustainable future. We like to serve the country by collaboration with the best module plant manufacturing companies and manufacturing Solar panel, our plant to be setup in heart of the North India. With the experience of more than four decade, I would like to share my entrepreneurship experience and give the best, of my highly qualified technical team. I promise you to provide a complete range of Solar Energy Solutions including integrated financing and Solar Consulting Services. It is worth investing in Solar Energy as it's never exhaustible. India has great potential to generate electricity from Solar Energy and emerge as a Solar Energy hub.

I would like to thank all, they who support me choosing this path and I promised that I will deliver the best services.

I am looking towards some more people to join our team in order to have strong impact to make the solar energy available to all.

We cherish your support in this journey.

Warm Regards,
Prem Sagar Vij
Chairman and Managing Director